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Now you can use the Bitcoin (BTC) emoji in your tweets and there are calls to add it to the global template for text and emoji.

Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey brought the good news to cryptography on February 2 via the famous Bitcoin logo on Twitter, indicating that the social media giant has added BTC emodi. Now that users have the most popular crypto in the world, emoji are appearing. The CEO also included him in his Twitter resume. However, Dorsey also wrote a consortium responsible for managing its character model, Unicode, which clearly shows that they must also add emotion.
Now you can use the Bitcoin (BTC) emoji in your tweets and there are calls to add it to the global template for text and emoji.

Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey brought the good news to cryptography on February 2 via the famous Bitcoin logo on Twitter, indicating that the social media giant has added BTC emodi. Now that users have the most popular crypto in the world, emoji are appearing. The CEO also included him in his Twitter resume. However, Dorsey also wrote a consortium responsible for managing its character model, Unicode, which clearly shows that they must also add emotion.
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The most popular symbol for Bitcoin is precisely the ₿ – the big letter B, which has two vertical strokes at the top and bottom, as presented by BTC creator Satoshi Nakamoto. After Unicode announced 2011 as a character that was approved in 2015, it finally appeared in 2017 on Unicode 10.0. However, it is not yet accepted as an emoji.

The public is quickly attracted to this new option for their own tweets and bios and it seems that the vast majority are happy to support this latest addition to Twitter as well as Unicode itself. For example, Elizabeth Stark, co-founder and CEO of Lightning Labs, a developer of Lightning Network, in which Dorsey is an investor, finds that the emoji helps to raise awareness and at the same time stimulate adoption. She joined Dorsey by calling the BTC emodi in Unicode.The most popular symbol for Bitcoin is precisely the ₿ – the big letter B, which has two vertical strokes at the top and bottom, as presented by BTC creator Satoshi Nakamoto. After Unicode announced 2011 as a character that was approved in 2015, it finally appeared in 2017 on Unicode 10.0. However, it is not yet accepted as an emoji.

The public is quickly attracted to this new option for their own tweets and bios and it seems that the vast majority are happy to support this latest addition to Twitter as well as Unicode itself. For example, Elizabeth Stark, co-founder and CEO of Lightning Labs, a developer of Lightning Network, in which Dorsey is an investor, finds that the emoji helps to raise awareness and at the same time stimulate adoption. She joined Dorsey by calling the BTC emodi in Unicode.


See the best hotels in Santa Monica, California, USA

Santa Monica, a famous city in California, is a US state located in the western district of Los Angeles. Due to its pleasant climate, it has made it a world-renowned resort. Today it has gained a great boom in both job growth and tourism.

The city is considered one of the best vacation spots with 310 sunny days. There are numerous tourist attractions in this beautiful California city, including the Pier, Hippodrome, Majestic Theater, Civic Auditorium, Museum of Art, Palisades Park Film Festival, etc.

Although this is mostly a tourist destination, thousands of visitors also visit this city for business reasons. There are many normal and chain hotels in the city that range from cheap to luxury.

Luxury hotels

Accommodation at one of the luxury hotels is the best way to enrich your tour. Those who mostly want to spend their holidays on holiday prefer luxury accommodation. If you are one of them looking for luxury hotels in City then give yourself all the worries as there are many full-service star hotels in this city, such as Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows, Loews Beach Hotel, Huntley Santa Monica, Georgia, Doubletree Guest Suites, Viceroy and Sheraton Dolphins, etc.

The Fairmont

This is the only super luxury hotel in the city located at 101 Wilshire Blvd in Beach. This luxury hotel is known for offering world-class services and royal treatment to its guests. Whether you're on vacation or in a business meeting, Fairmont would be the perfect place to stay. Fairmont's most beautiful features include a spa tub, restaurant and beach shuttle club, etc.

Cheap hotels

Always stay in one of the cheap hotels to reduce your travel expenses, it doesn't matter if you are going on vacation or for a business meeting.

While on tour, you'll find plenty of cheap lodging options, but some of the best ones include the Best Western Gateway, Travelodge Pico Blvd, Holiday Inn on the Pier, Santa Monica Motel, Pacific Sands Motel, Comfort Inn and Days Inn, etc.

Days Inn

Days Inn is one of the cheapest places to stay in the city and offers excellent services with the comfort of a luxury hotel at the best price that fits all budgets. This 2-star property is conveniently close to 3rd Street. This is the best place for both business and leisure travelers.

In addition, this city offers accommodation in every corner, whether in the city center or near the airport.

Hotels in the city

The city center is packed with exclusive retail outlets, first-class entertainment venues, leisurely and fine dining, and many major attractions. So every visitor to Santa Monica wants to stay here. If you are also looking for downtown accommodation while you are here, you do not need much trouble. There are many accommodation options ranging from pet-friendly hotels to spa, spa and casino hotels.

Find hotels by checking the information on the internet for detailed information. Choose accommodation according to your budget. Search for discounted hotel deals on budget accommodation. Many budget motels and hotels are spread all over. The Santa Monica Motel is located just seven blocks from Santa Monica Beach. Pacific Sands Motel is the perfect economic motel in the heart of Santa Monica's quaint neighborhood. Located directly across from Santa Monica Street and the beach is the Travelodge Santa Monica for budget travelers.


Exploring radiant cosmopolitans

About Los Angeles and Miami

Popular as LA, Los Angeles is a widespread city in Southern California, known as the hub of the national film and television industry. What "Angels" means in Spanish, Los Angeles is the second largest city in the state after New York, the most populous city in California and the seat of Los Angeles County. City residents call it Angelenos. It was ranked sixth in the Global Cities Index and the ninth Global Index of Economic Power.

Lush beaches, stunning architecture and enchanting greenery are some of the highlights of Florida's most vibrant city, Miami. It is the capital, central, and most populous city of metropolitan Miami, and the most populous metropolis in the southeastern United States after Washington, D.C. Miami is classified as an Alpha-World city by the Study World World Group list. Miami ranked seventh in the United States in 2010 in terms of finance, commerce, culture, entertainment, fashion, education and other sectors. In 2008, Forbes magazine declared Miami the "cleanest city in America." Miami is nicknamed the "Capital of Latin America" ​​and is the second largest American city with a Spanish majority.

Tourist attractions

And the sprawling cities of Los Angeles and Miami boast so many tourist attractions that almost everyone can find something to enjoy.

Los Angeles, Getty Center, Griffith Observatory, Universal Studios Hollywood, California Science Center, The Nethercutt Collection, Staples Center, Griffith Park, Santa Monica Bay, USS Iowa BB-61 battleship, Petersen Automotive Museum, La Brea Tar Cave and Museum , The Broad, The Grove, Runyon Canyon Park, Dodge Stadium, Hollywood Madame Tussauds, Venice Canals Walkway, Bradbury Building, West Pier Village Brothers Memorial Park, Hollywood Bowl Museum, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Grammy Union Museum Station are some of the main points of interest that you can explore.

In Miami you can discover some of the richest places such as American Airlines Arena, Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, Zoological Wildlife Foundation, Wynwood Walls, Metromover, Zoo Miami, Dolphin Mall, Wynwood, Marlins Park, Wynwood Art Walk, Bayside Market, Bayfront Park. Perez Miami Museum of Art, Miami Stroller, Coconut, Miami Children's Museum, Jungle Island, Little Havana, Falls Shopping Center, Deering Estate, Monkey Jungle, Calle Ocho, Tower Tower and Tropical Park.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Los Angeles is March through May or September through November, when the air is more airy and the crowds less alert. Average temperatures during this time remain in the 60s or 70s, which makes walking and visiting outdoor attractions much more enjoyable.

The best time to visit Miami is between March and May, when the sun shines by day with temperatures in the high 70s and low 80s. With the beautiful weather, a spring visit allows you to bypass the highest winter rates.

Major Airport

Los Angeles International Airport (IATA: LAX) and Miami International Airport (IATA: MIA) are the major serving airports. Flights to Los Angles and flights to Miami can be found throughout the year.


The best airlines to fly to the US

Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines is the premier US airline based in Atlanta, Georgia, operating a wide domestic and international network. Delta serves flights from London Gatwick, Manchester, Edinburgh, Dublin and Shannon to its major hubs in New York JFK, Cincinnati and Atlanta.


Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Continental Airlines is the fourth largest airline in the United States.

The airline flies to Newark and Houston from all major UK airports, including London Gatwick, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dublin, Belfast and Shannon.

Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Branson Virgin Virgin operates the long-haul route between the United Kingdom and North America, from its main base in London Heathrow. The airline has smaller bases in London's Gatwick and Manchester Airport. Virgin's flights to the US include Newark International Airport, New York JFK, Baltimore, Washington Dulles, Boston, Chicago, Miami, Orlando, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

American Airlines

Honored as America's largest airline, the AA headquarters is located in Fort Worth, Texas, near the Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport. The American operates scheduled flights from London, Manchester and Dublin to Boston, New York JFK, Chicago, Raleigh / Durham, Dallas, Miami and Los Angeles.

British Airways

The British flag carrier serves a huge amount of international flights to the United States from the United Kingdom. Airlines are one of the preferred carriers flying from London to New York JFK, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington Dulles, Atlanta, Orlando, Los Angeles and many others. British Airways also offers flights to Canada, including international airports in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver.


The class trip to California history is funded by Major League Baseball

Parker Lefton is a retired history teacher for Maclay High School in Pacoina, California, just outside Los Angeles. She continues to work as an educator in the role of volunteer coordinator of the Decisive Dream Foundation. Garret Anderson, a recently retired baseball player in the league who has spent most of his career with the Los Angeles Angels, is funding the Decisive Dream Foundation. Anderson and his wife Teresa were once students at Maclay, and have been actively funding and planning special projects at the school since 2003.

The Garret Anderson Foundation funds reading and educational outreach initiatives
Foundation Determined to Dream Source for Funding for the Maclay Middle School Reading Initiative and Educational Travel. Each year, a group of students takes an educational tour of the East Coast to Boston, New York or Philadelphia. Lefton also annually goes with a group of students to historic and geographical points of interest in California. "I feel it's important to expose the kids at this school to the outside world. Many of the kids who go to Maclay have not had the opportunity to go outside L.A.," Lefton commented.

Hunting for an educational travel company that offers flexibility
When he first started hunting for an educational travel company, Lefton said he was disappointed to find that many of the companies he spoke to had certain routes they could not change. "I didn't necessarily like tours presented by other companies," Lefton observed, "so I finally said 'yes' to a company that was open to organizing a tour in any way possible. Educational travel advisors were willing to tailor the tour to suit his resume Counselors work with teachers to create educational tours that are parallel to the goals of the course. Pre-packaged tours of popular destinations are also available to school groups.

A student tour of California is being created
Lefton helped create a six-day California tour. The journey begins at Maclay High School near Los Angeles, continues to the Sierra Nevada Mountains near Lake Tahoe, stops in the San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento, and continues down the California coast through Monterey and Santa Cruz, then back to Los Angeles.

Students travel to the Sierra Nevada Mountains
Lefton wanted to embark on a tour of the country's geography. The school trip begins with a visit to Mammoth Mountain, the site of an ancient volcano that erupted some 57,000 years ago. The students then proceed to nearby Lake Tahoe, another geographical marvel – a large and deep mountain lake that lies at an altitude of approximately 1225 meters and is located at the border of Nevada and California. While touring the area, students also visit Coloma Valley, the place where gold was first discovered. This discovery was initiated in 1849 by the Gold Rush.

Tour of Sacramento and San Francisco Bay
After staying in the Sierra Nevada mountains, a school group heads west to Sacramento to visit the California State Railroad Museum, where they learned about building a transcontinental railroad. Here, the first of two educational excursions on a trip begins with a hunt for information. Students work in pairs to find specific information in the Museum. Winners receive Target gift cards. During their visit to Sacramento, students also visit the California State Capitol building to gain insight and perspective on state government.

Next up is the San Francisco Bay Area, where students visit the Alcatraz Island Jail, walk the Golden Gate Bridge, tour Fort Point (Civil War-era site), see the Maritime National Historic Park, and take a stroll from Chinatown in the evening. at a restaurant on the fishing pier.

Santa Cruz and Monterey
The next day, a school group heads south from the San Francisco Bay area and visits Santa Cruz, where they see one of California's redwood forests and stop in Monterey, California's first capital. Here, students tour the Mexican period in California history, visit the Monterey Aquarium and see the Big Sur coastline from the vantage point of Point Lobos State Reserve.

18th Century Student Tour

On the way back to Los Angeles, the bus stops in Morro Bay, where a tour of the Natural Museum offers a visual and educational overview of the coastal area. In their last place they visit the La Purisima Mission, a wonderfully preserved example of a mission as it would have been in 1800. The second part of the information hunt happens at La Purisima, where students are tasked with finding specific details about the mission's history while on tour.

Bidding for a spot on the California Tour

Funding restrictions do not allow all Maclay High School students to attend this grant-funded trip. So Lefton and the Andersons created an academic competition with the winners being awarded a place on the California tour. Competition helps them strive for the best possible grades and includes an element of luck. Students receive drawing tickets for each of the acceptable grades in grades A, B and C. "The more good grades they get the first semester of school, the more tickets they have to enter in the drawing," Lefton says. Fourteen names were drawn from all the entries, and these lucky students tour their home country.

This unique journey came as a history teacher wanted to develop an educational tour that gave students the opportunity to engage in active learning about their home country. Touring California is ambitious in all the places it covers. Students studying California history, geography and social studies will benefit from a trip designed like this, or even one that is quite similar. The tour could be reduced to three or four days instead of five or six and still offers many learning opportunities.

For more information on scheduling a student trip to California, visit or email


The Truths and Secrets of Discount Travel

The Truths and Secrets of Discount Travel

To understand how you can get a discount trip, it helps you understand how the travel industry works. Probably the single most important thing to remember in the tourism industry is that it is based on perishable goods. If the plane is taking off with empty seats or the passenger ship is flying with empty cabins, the opportunity to make money from them. Unlike other industries, the hotel cannot save vacancies last night and sell them later. Vacancies must be filled daily to stay in business.

The tourism industry has high fixed costs. Airlines, cruise ships and hotels are expensive to build, maintain and fuel. Undoubtedly, the tourism industry would like to sell every seat, cabin and room at the highest price. However, vacancies need to be more often dismissed in order to attract willing customers. In almost all cases, it's better to get some money for a card or key card than nothing.

Travel and hospitality providers understand that vacancies require a diverse price tag. For most tourism industries, prime goods make enough money to pay for the costs. But to ensure profitability, other profit centers must be constantly introduced. For example, cruise ships make the most of their profits after boarding passengers, offering hundreds of opportunities to spend more money. Profit centers include alcoholic beverages, tips, gambling, bingo, spa services, internet and telephone services, fine arts and antique auctions, boat shops, port tours, port shopping and more.

To attract those willing customers who spend more on board, the travel industry offers a range of prices that will appeal to different pocketbooks. Passengers can pay radically different fees for the same service. Here are three major factors that affect prices: when you travel, when you shop, and who you are.

When Traveling – Traveling during high traffic times also carries higher price tags. So, to get better deals, choose a time when traffic is easier for places you travel to and from. This principle applies not only to the time of year, but also to the time of the week and day. In the US, travel from Tuesday to Thursday is easier. And a flight from Seattle to Los Angeles could be cheaper at noon than two hours earlier. You can use travel websites, such as, to check date and time rates, avoiding vacations for places you travel between.

When you buy in general, you will get cheaper rates if you buy tickets either in advance (three months or more) or last minute (four or five days before departure). For a last minute trip, you can use to find the best ticket for possible combinations of departure and arrival dates. Then check this fare on the website of the airline itself. Go to and start bidding with the 50% lowest price. Increase your bid in $ 50 increments until you receive your ticket or decide to bid more. You can also check last minute rates on websites such as,, and

Who you are – There are numerous personal qualifications that could earn travel discounts, such as the credit cards you have if you are a member of the travel club you live in, if you are older, and so on. Reward credit cards can earn significant amounts of free travel on purchases you already make. Membership in a travel club, such as the Global Resorts Network, can get you a 40-60% discount on luxury accommodation and travel services around the world. If you are traveling to visit friends at worldwide vacation destinations, you can ask them if room rates are lower if they book reservations. For example, it might be significantly cheaper for a local to book a hotel in Hawaii. So remember to consider any club membership or other qualifications that might give you discounts when planning your trip.


BOS – PDX – flying from Boston to Portland? Here's a guide to airlines and airline tickets

How can it get from the US East Coast to the West Coast today? Many people choose to fly from Boston Logan International, New England's main airport, and head to a city like Portland. Flights from BOS to PDX are among the cheapest, with a large number of airlines offering great deals on this route. The distance between the two airports is just over 2500 miles.

The following airlines offer cheap airline tickets:

• Spirit Airlines

• JetBlue

• Delta

• Alaska Airlines

• Sun Country Air

• American Airlines

If you are planning to buy a return ticket, you will be glad to know that you can leave your vehicle at the BOS airport for a very small fee. There are several parking lots to choose from and you can view them at the official airport location. You can also easily take the metro from downtown Boston to Logan International.

How long are flights from BOS to PDX? The average nonstop flight time is 6 hours and 14 minutes. There are 90 non-stop flights a week, an average of 13 per day. If it stops during the flight, cities with common connections include Newark, San Francisco, Phoenix and Los Angeles.

Time to book flights from BOS to PDX

It's best to try and book a few weeks in advance, not only because the price is usually cheaper, but because you might get the chance to choose your place. Ideally, you make the choice of window seat so you can see as much of the country as possible, from the greenery of New England to the Midwest Plains, Rocky and eventually the Pacific Coast.

The cheapest day to fly between the two cities is usually Wednesday. Avoid flights during important holidays, if you can, as prices tend to skyrocket. September is the cheapest month to fly from Boston to the West Coast. From airlines offering flights from BOS to PDX, Spirit Airlines and American Airlines usually offer great deals. Alaska Airlines flies mostly this route, offering five flights a day.

Are you planning to book a hotel room as well? Depending on your airline, booking website, and current travel trends, you might be able to get a better deal if you book a room and plane tickets together. There is usually an option to add a rental car to this package. Take a look at holiday packages that include flights from BOS to PDX and compare prices.

It's not very difficult to find a great airfare ticket – you can simply visit travel websites to get discount flights from BOS to PDX. Use this page to save on hotel room and car. Take the time to look at the coupon codes online to see if anyone can be used for this trip.


Top 12 Things To Do For Free In Los Angeles

As the largest city on the West Coast and home to Hollywood, the City of Angels may seem like a playground for the rich. The looks, however, can be deceptive. As many tourists and visitors in the city find out, there are plenty of activities in Los Angeles that don't leave a stain on your wallet. In the following selected list, you'll discover the top 12 things to do for free in Los Angeles.

1. Rodeo Drive

This is an exclusive shopping district with exotic brands and exclusive boutiques. Rodeo Drive was remembered by the Reverend Julia Roberts in the movie Beautiful Woman. Since then, hordes of visitors have been touring the place to look at their favorite celebrities and browse the shops. There is no compulsion to shop, and most store owners are used to tourists.

2. Griffith Observatory

Located on the south side of Mount Hollywood, the Griffith Observatory offers stunning views of the city and surrounding areas. While the planetarium shows the cost of money, visitors can enjoy spectacular hiking and biking trails and take advantage of some of the best photo shoots in this massive city park. Other attractions include the zoo and botanical gardens, the iconic Hollywood sign and the impressive museum of select exhibits.

3. Venice Beach

When it comes to free activities in Los Angeles, traveling to the iconic Venice Beach is one of the main attractions. While the city was inspired by Venice, Italy, the beach has now acquired a distinctive California identity. Crowds of tourists come to the beach to enjoy the sunshine, the famous promenade and the chance to see all the fun and eclectic characters around.

4. Santa Monica

It's no exaggeration to say that Santa Monica's beach is among the hottest in the US. Visitors to Santa Monica rarely miss the activities and things to see with some of the most spectacular street performers, spectacular nightlife and soft sandy beaches on offer. The famous pier and the Ferris wheel are also worth mentioning.

5. Getty Center

Top 12 Things to Do for Free in Los Angeles-5 Designed by the legendary Richard Meier, the Getty Center is undoubtedly one of the most famous architectural landmarks in America. At the center are some of the most exquisite works of art from around the world. Whether it's Baroque sculptures or Renaissance artworks, visitors can look forward to some of the most delicious and intriguing masterpieces at the Getty Center. Magnificent city views are an added bonus.

6. Hollyway Walk of Fame

Visitors to Los Angeles will miss something if they don't take the opportunity to soak up the atmosphere at the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Consistently rated among the funniest things to do for free in LA, Walk is who Hollywood is. As a bonus, you can also visit the TCL Chinese Theater, which houses some of Hollywood's most iconic handprints of movie stars.

7. Walt Disney Concert Hall

This is another architectural masterpiece in downtown Los Angeles. This Frank Gehry masterpiece is credited with transforming the cultural landscape of an otherwise boring downtown LA. Visitors can choose to listen to the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra or simply take a tour of this venue, which is offered for free.

8. Sunset Boulevard

This magnificent location has been immortalized in numerous Hollywood films. Obviously one of the most famous thoroughfares in the US, Sunset Boulevard offers visitors a glimpse into the dazzling lifestyle of Hollywood's who's who. This charming palm-lined ribbon has now been transformed into a vibrant center of nightlife with several dishes and live performances.

9th Hollywood Bowl

The Hollywood Bowl is a beautiful outdoor amphitheater, adorned with some of the world's biggest musical names, including the Beatles and Madonna. Visitors can look forward to an extraordinary musical experience in this surreal setting. In addition, the venue has impressive works of art and memorabilia depicting its history.

10. Runyon Canyon Park

For those who can't get enough trails and views, for which they might die, there is no better place than Runyon Park. Located minutes away from Hollywood Boulevard, visitors to the park can look for great and sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean and the San Fernando Valley.

11. Grand Central Market

This is a downtown LA foodie paradise with over 30 vendors serving tacos to ramen noodles. Plus, it's open until 10pm every night, so there is plenty of room to enjoy a late night or take a craft brew.

12. Bradbury Building

It's the oldest office building left in LA, but it's not why this building is a tourist attraction. With its beautiful, light-filled central atrium rising nearly 50 feet high, marble stairs and decorated iron railings, the Bradbury Building has been featured in many films, most notably Bladerunner and (500) Summer Days.


Holiday home in Los Angeles

To start organizing your trip to LA, you first need to consider the number of people who will travel to determine the type of accommodation you should book. For group trips, renting a villa is more interesting. There are several ways to find a villa for rent, and one can only share the cost. You can use the services of some websites that offer villas for rent in Los, where you can see all the details of the property as well as the prices. This beautiful villa can be found in different quarters and even in Hollywood if you want to live in the movie capital of dreams for a while. The villas are equally suitable for any family or married couple, according to estimates of travelers staying in this type of accommodation.

LA is the capital of cinema, with Hollywood there, where anyone can become a star overnight, and the perfect symbol of the American dream. Hollywood is a real neighborhood with legendary footprints in cement of all the major movie stars, located in the Chinese Mann Theater. You can also enjoy the Celebrity Walk with more than 2000 stars (each star dedicated to the artist) as you stroll the sidewalks of Hollywood Boulevard. Otherwise, other luxury neighborhoods like Beverly Hills and Malibu Bel & # 39; s Air are interesting to visit or rent an apartment for an LA vacation.

In addition to the movie world, you can visit many museums and monuments and then enjoy the beautiful beaches of Santa Monica and Venice Beach, which are considered to be the most famous beaches in movies. However, you should be careful in the neighborhoods of Venice Beach, Downtown, South Central and Watts, as they are quite dangerous at night.

Los Angeles is the city of your favorite stars … a unique experience and a must! Vacation rentals will no doubt make your vacation a journey of experience and discovery! The offer of vacation homes in LA is diverse and you will be safe in this city of exceptional and unforgettable vacations, enjoying the good life for a truly unique holiday! With vacation rentals, you will find everything for your trip: the beauty, generosity and quality of life of your dreams. The urge to taste the country's delicacies with its flavors and aromas will completely satisfy the extraordinary quality of its wonderful restaurants. A gourmet break should not be missed completely!

Before going on a vacation to Los Angeles, you should compare the deals and the best prices on the market to make your vacation a complete success. You can choose your holiday getaway from the many good plans available on the Internet, and you will take advantage of apartments and villas that have perfectly adapted to your needs. If you do the proper online research, you will always be sure to find a vacation rental in LA that suits your tastes and preferences.

A little tip at the end: Los Angeles is a very big city and it is unnecessary to think about walking. It is advisable to rent a car. This is how you enjoy your city of angels the most.


Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles is a very fascinating city and a great place for everyone on vacation. A visit to and around Los Angeles could be one of the best and most memorable experiences you will ever have. Tourists seem excited about everything from the simplest to the bigger. For some reason, tourists always like to see the famous Hollywood sign, and especially visitors from coastal states love to go to the beach and see the Pacific Ocean for the first time.

If you prefer an adrenaline rush of fun and plan to come to the city of Los Angeles, you'll be within a reasonable distance of several amusement and water parks, including Six Flags Magic Mountain, Hurricane Harbor, Disneyland, Knott Berry Farm, Universal Studios, Raging Waters and other venues like the Los Angeles Zoo and Griffith Park.

If you are really interested in the Film Industry, you can go to a number of television shows to watch your favorite stars live and in person. Or if you prefer to be in front of a camera instead of in front of an audience, there are several advertisements in newspapers, magazines and published on telephone poles in search of all kinds of people who want to be background additions in movies, television shows and commercials. No experience required. Make sure you take down Hollywood Boulevard and look for the stars of your favorite entertainers on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

You can go to the Staples Center, home of the 9-year NBA (National Basketball) League

Association) Los Angeles Lakers World Champions. Magic Johnson has switched from professional basketball, but you will still see his name across Los Angeles. Participating with several businesses in the city, including some 24-hour fitness venues, Magic Johnson Magic Theaters located at Crenshaw Shopping Center, Starbucks Coffee and Magic Johnson's TGI Friday's Restaurant.

Across from the Inglewood Forum, where the Lakers played for about 30 years until a few years ago, is a Hollywood race track and casino. They only have horse racing for a few months of the year. But you are in luck because the Casino is in full swing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to meet your gambling needs. One of the few places here, at least so far, still has free parking.

For baseball fans, you can go to Dodger Stadium, home of the former Los Angeles Dodgers World Series Champions. You wouldn't want to go to Dodger Stadium without eating one of their famous Dodge Dogs.

Not only do we have professional sports champions, we also have our very well-known high school rivals, the UCLA Bruins and USC Trojans who both brought their team championships to the city of Los Angeles and both had their students and alumni bring back gold medals when representing the United States for years at the Olympics.

If you want to see another historic sports venue, then head to the Los Angeles Coliseum. Not only was it the home of Ramen and then the Raiders, which was a comeback when Los Angeles had an NFL Football team, but it was also a staple for the 1932 and 1984 Summer Olympics. If you watched the Olympics, you saw the Los Angeles Coliseum during the opening and closing ceremonies as well as the track and field events. The Olympic torch is still there.

While at the Coliseum, you might want to take a walk to the California Science Center at Exposition Park. It is a great educational experience for adults and children. The sports arena is in that general space. Also, there are several museums within walking distance in the area that you might be interested in going through.

You wouldn't want to miss spending time on the 405 San Diego Highway that passes the west side of Los Angeles County, so you can enjoy the bumper in the traffic jolts we all experience so often. Most people in the area call it the largest parking lot in the world. Your foot brakes the brake of your car while burning that expensive gasoline. You are usually either at a complete station or traveling at a snail's pace. Just hope they didn't have a car accident on the freeway in front of you because the snail in the race would actually win you over.

If you leave Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) just off the Playa del Rey beach on the far west side of town, you can take the 405 freeway and head north. When you finally manage to get through the traffic, you can visit the J. Paul Getty Museum just before arriving in the valley.

You can head to the Marina del Rey north of the airport where you can enjoy a cruise for dinner by the ocean or bring your fishing rod and get out on one of the all-day fishing boats or just hang out in a fishing village overlooking the Pacific Ocean and have food shops , drinks and souvenirs. There are places near most beaches where you can rent bikes. There is a bike trail on the trail next to the Pacific Ocean Beach. If you like roller skating, roller skating and / or skating, you will really like Venice Beach.

Usually from the west side of Los Angeles if you are at or near Playa del Rey Beach and look up, you can see planes flying over the ocean. If you are located east of the airport you can see planes landing for landing. But if you look up and see a helicopter, don't be confused. It's probably not a guided helicopter tour. It is more than likely that a Los Angeles Police Department helicopter is chasing a suspect news media helicopters trying to get shots fired and doing their best to keep them going. Police chases are very common here. You hear the sirens of emergency vehicles coming from all directions. But this is what best protects Los Angeles from our beautiful and safe city.

Honestly, as a traveler you really need to make safety and yourself and your families a priority no matter what city in the world you visit.

If you want to go on another cruise, you can go to Catalina Island. You can go there, have a little fun and come back the same day if you like or you can stay for a few days if you really like it. There are numerous activities.

Another historic place you wouldn't want to miss is the corner of Florence and Normandie Avenues streets, where the Los Angeles Angeles Riots began in 1992. Most of the businesses that were burnt to the ground during that time have been rebuilt since then, so of course they look much better and more modern. The others may never be restored.

On the far south side of Los Angeles County is Long Beach where you can see Queen Mary's ship anchored. You can go around the ship. Also, while in Long Beach, you can visit the Pacific Aquarium for an underwater adventure. Like the California Science Center, it is another great educational opportunity for both adults and children to learn.

It depends on what you are interested in buying. In malls that are everywhere you can get almost anything that comes to mind. The Del Amo Shopping Center in Torrance (southern Los Angeles County) is one of the largest shopping malls in the United States. If you are looking for discount clothing and other merchandise, then go to a clothing store in downtown Los Angeles. If you want expensive things, head down to Rodeo Drive and the Wilshire Boulevard area in Beverly Hills. Southeast of Beverly Hills is Grove where you can check out the farmers market Los Angeles has been serving since 1934. The area has been changed, expanded and built over the last few years.

Wilshire Boulevard is one of the premier business streets in Los Angeles that runs from the beach to downtown Los Angeles. So if you want to drive down Wilshire Boulevard just for fun, you can start the Santa Monica Pier overlooking the Pacific Ocean, and it will take you through the cities of Santa Monica, Beverly Hills and Los Angeles. When you arrive downtown, be sure to check out the Los Angeles Civic Center area.

Another interesting street to go down for fun is Crenshaw Boulevard. You can start at Wilshire Blvd and go south on Crenshaw Boulevard. It will guide you through the inner city of Los Angeles. Your journey will take you through the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Shopping Center, Leimert Park in Crenshaw County, then through Inglewood, Hawthorne, Lawndale, Torrance, Rolling Hills Estates and all the way down to the Rancho Palos Verdes in the South Bay Area of ​​Los Angeles County.

Check the Los Angeles Convention Center schedule. There are always some kinds of fun, business or information seminars, exhibitions or workshops. You may find something you might want to attend.

There are countless food and drink locations throughout Los Angeles, from the best dining restaurants to fast food places and every shade of gray in between will satisfy every appetite. All you have to do is find the ones that suit your taste. There are all kinds of fun, dance, activities and performances, in addition to all the things listed.

Unless you visit someone who has a car you can use, then you should probably rent a car, as waiting for public transportation in Los Angeles will make the most of your vacation. Have fun.


Air Air Travel

A lot of people are denied international travel because of expensive airline tickets. However, there are several return flights to India at a discount today. So, if you are planning to fly abroad, make sure you have a good offer when booking your plane ticket. If exhaustive travel to different cities is part of the journey, it is advisable to use an Airpass that reduces the cost to a fraction of the actual cost.

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If you are traveling to India on your itinerary, take advantage of Discover India plane tickets. Similar to US VUSA ticket prices, Indian Airlines and Jet Airways offer excellent benefits; their Airpas were created for foreigners and non-residents alike. The fifteen-day Airpass comes at $ 500, while the twenty-day Airpass costs $ 750. The itinerary is: Delhi-Jaipur-Udaipur-Bombay-Goa-Bangalore-Cochin-Madras-Delhi. The traveler saves on expenses and pays only a fraction of what he or she would need to pay for extensive travel within India if booked individually.

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