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Black Dahlia, A Realistic View of the 1947 Los Angeles Murder, Short Part 2 of 3

Police and Media Investigation

The Big Four are the prime suspects in the murder of Elizabeth Short

The Los Angeles Police Department took the trail of finding a killer who, in one way or another, must have known "Elizabeth Short." Hundreds of people have looked at and explored this unique research thought. Eventually, detectives agreed that the doctor had to do the killing because of the way the body was halved and the blood drained. The body was laid at Leimert Park, where two suspected doctors also lived.

There are 4 possible people you might know to know the area where Elizabeth Short was dropped. Two were physicians, one lived in the area and the other lived in the area and had an ex-wife who still lived in the home where her ex-husband owned. The third was Elisabeth's father, who was repairing refrigeration and constantly had to travel to different parts of the city. Her father would know about this vacancy soon to build an area 3 miles away that had great potential for future refrigeration. The fourth was a "Mafia boss" named "Micky Cohen" who did not order a hit on "Elizabeth" but may have told his "Serial Killer Soldier" crew to acquire a mutilated body and dump it in a vacant area near rival Mafia Boss "named" Jack Dragna ”who also had a home in this neighborhood and body was the message.

Elizabeth Short was a Bar Fly alcoholic, and her contact with some upperclass doctors is out of the question, but I don't see the doctor's profiles being "Maniac" and killing her in a sadistic way. The person who killed "Elizabeth" outside sent a strong message.

Other claims about who the killer is have been made for decades. Mark Hansen was another prime suspect, but there was nothing the police could get hooked on except that some of the then "mobsters" kept coming to his nightclub. Even three years later, police raided his house looking for evidence of blood.

"Glynn Wolfe" was another suspect, but again, "Never mind" other than "Elizabeth," she lived with 8 other women in an attic in the attic of the building she owned. I can't see "Elizabeth" ever having any contact with "Glynn Wolfe" because she is a really busy apartment manager who ran the day-to-day affairs of the building and who remembers "Elizabeth."

Doctor Walter Bayley whose daughter was a good friend of Sister Elizabeth Short's had a doctor's office a mile away from the Biltmore Hotel, where Elizabeth was last seen. Elizabeth's sister married at this Leimert Park physician's home and the doctor's daughter was an honorary matron.

Nothing I read ever stated that my daughter's doctor father attended this wedding, so it's really unclear if "Elizabeth Short" ever knew this doctor or even met him. There is no circumstantial evidence or connection to the murder of "Elizabeth Short". The doctor owned a home in the area where his ex-wife lived, and the doctor could have made a clean straight cut so that it was dubious in the media.

The wedding at the home of Walter Bayley's ex-wife was between a soldier named "Adrian" and "sister" Virgnia "Elizabeth Short." Adrian "had absolutely nothing to do with the family of" Dr. Walter Bailey. "" Adrian "met the daughter of" Dr. Walter Bayley "at the church they both attended. The daughter of" Dr. Walter Bayley "invited" Adrian "to use his mother for a home for his wedding," Virginia "sister Elizabeth Short. "THAT'S IT!".

The problem with this wedding at Walter Bayley's home is that it was a quick wedding. "Adrian" husband of "Virginia Short" who was stationed in the Army in the Los Angeles, California area and invited "Virginia Short" in Massachusetts to travel to California for their wedding. Adrian was previously stationed near Virginia Short, Massachusetts, "where they met. Adrian" was in the church group where he lived and arranged for the wedding to be held at the family home of a family home of members of his church group. " Leimert Park "What's really weird is that nothing is said about the 'Walter Bayley' or 'Elizabeth Short' that ever attended this wedding.

"Elizabeth" wrote family letters over and over. It is not known if "Elizabeth" even knew that her sister in Los Angeles was getting married. Did "Elizabeth" even go to her sisters wedding? "Elizabeth" actually knew that her sister lived in Berkeley, California, and that was proven.

Is it just assumed that "Elizabeth Short" and "Walter Bayley" attended the wedding of "Virginia Short" and "Adrian"? Remember, at the time of the wedding, Walter Bayley did not live in the home, and his wife filed for divorce. It is not even clear that Virginia Short became friends with the daughter of "Walter Bayley" only after their wedding. Hell, the first time Virginia Short ever came out in California was because of her marriage to "Adrian" who was just "church friend" with Walter Bayley's daughter so how the hell could Virginia Short be friends with the girl she never met before her wedding? I don't think "Elizabeth Short" or "Walter Bayley" was even at the wedding, so how the hell could "Elizabeth" know "Walter"?

"Walter Bayley" was called a doctor like this and he was the prime suspect because he was a doctor with an office less than a mile from the Biltmore Hotel where Elizabeth was last seen, and Elizabeth Short was perfectly trimmed right below the rib. "Walter Bayley" also owned the home where his ex-wife lived 1 block away from where Elizabeth Short's body was dumped. Walter Bayley was initially the number one suspect, but he was also "cleared" of any involvement. The killing could have been done at a medical clinic, to which the killer had access before the body was thrown. Connecting the suspect with medical knowledge and a medical clinic would be a perfect scenario for police and newspapers, but it was a false pursuit.

"Cleo Short" Father Elizabeth Short was living in L.A., also at 1020 South Kingsley Drive, when his daughter was killed. Elizabeth Short was last seen 3.4 miles from where her father lived in downtown Los Angeles. When the "Harry Hansen" detective first interviewed "Cleo Short," he was extremely drunk and vulgar with the detective. "Harry Hansen" interviewed "Cleo Short" for the second time when he was sober, and "Cleo Short" told the detective he didn't want anything to do with his daughter and had no emotions about her death. Cleo Short seemed to hate his daughter and family even though in 1943 he let his daughter live with him, trying to reconcile with his children.

Cleo Short entered into a contract with his daughter, Elizabeth, in 1943, and she was just walking around. The deal was that he would clean his home and cook for him now and again, and she failed. Elizabeth didn't clean up after herself, just lying around and worshiping all night, so her dad kicked her out on the road. The fights between Cleo and Elizabeth were so intense that he finally threw her out. "Cleo Short," in other words, "spat on his daughter's grave" to clarify.

"Cleo Short" worked in the refrigeration industry. As I said in my personal reflections, I wanted to focus on people who know the area where Elizabeth Short's body was thrown and her father would know the area because of the chores he does. "Cleo Short" would have to travel all over Los Angeles to do the repair work.

What makes Cleo Short the prime suspect in my eyes is the Cleo refrigerator company, which almost certainly had to deliver a "Cleo" "van" or some sort of truck to transport tools and parts. Did the police ever think about finding that "outboard van" and throwing blood at it? The van panel would be the idea of ​​halving Elizabeth's body and then putting the cleaned half body in his car for disposal. Elizabeth could easily hop on a "stroller" and travel to her fathers' home anytime between January 9 and January 14.

The body dumping area at Leimert Park is 4.3 miles from the Kingsley Drive residence of the Cleo Short residence. "Harry Hansen" detective never had probable cause to search Cleo Short home for evidence of murder. No one could place Elizabeth Short at her residence on the night of the murder, so detectives could not "throw the place away".

I didn't read anything that said "Elizabeth" even knew that her father lived just a few miles from her in Hollywood and downtown Los Angeles. Police revealed that "Cleo" lived in Los Angeles, but how did they find out? Did "Elizabeth" have his address or was "Cleo" found by searching the city's database and good old-fashioned police work to search for all family members in the United States?

Cleo Short passed away on January 19, 1967 at the age of 81. Did "Cleo" ever get angry about "Elizabeth" finding and contacting him in Los Angeles? has he ever been contacted by his daughter?

Doctor George Hodel the son of Detective L.A. "Steven Hodel" who lived one block away from where Elizabeth Short's body was thrown and is also the hell of a prime suspect. This guy's brain tingled as he was accused of molesting his daughter and not found guilty most likely because his wife, "Dorothy," was protecting him. I guess "Dorothy" enjoyed her life as the wife of a well-off doctor. I read some "Dorothy Hodel" statements and she was the wall that kept her husband innocent though he could be guilty.

"Steven Hodel" was NOT a LAPD detective at the time of the "Black Dalia" murder. Steven Hodel was just a small child and had absolutely nothing to do with the Black Dahlia investigation. This accusation of "Steven Hodel" against his father "George Hodel" followed many decades later.

Dr. George Hodel is suspected of attending many parties. The problem with this was that "Elizabeth Short" didn't know she was attending private parties. "Elizabeth" always visited cafes so she could get free drinks, food and, of course, "Ask for money" without having to "crunch" herself. Private parties would mean that she would have to have sex more often than she did and struggle with job offers.

"George" Hodel "son of" Steven Hodel "claimed his father was" Dr. George Hodel "kept" Elizabeth Short "in his garage or I read his basement in some stories while she was pregnant with her father's baby, but this is far from being believed and most likely written like this for" Profit Books "by her detective son. Come on, pregnant women then a book that later tells a different story? This is one of those incredible falsehoods that constantly goes from person to person for profit.

"Mickey Cohen" he operated his criminal family in Los Angeles under the supervision of Bugsy Siegel in New York. All the mafia activities from Los Angeles were controlled by the New York Mafia and "Lucky Luciano." "Bugsy Siegel" and "Mickey Cohen" were "Jews." Did "Mickey Cohen" or any other Mafia boss order a hit on "Elizabeth Short? I personally don't think any hits were ordered directly on her, but" Mickey Cohen "could have told his soldiers to eject a mutilated body from Skid The queue is near Jack Dragn's house 4 blocks from the landfill at Leimert Park. Jack Dragna was Italian, but the New York Mafia ordered him to cooperate with Mickey Cohen. I was a brutal killer.

"Mickey Cohen" and "Jack Dragna" hated each other and although they were both united in their work under "Bugsy Siegel", they occasionally made small shots. In June 1947, when "Bugsy Siegel" was killed, both "Mickey Cohen" and "Jack Dragna" went to war against others and the bodies really began to pile up.

Elizabeth Short's face was cut from the corner of her lips to her ears. This is called the "smile of Glasgow" used by "mafia members" in Scotland. This Glasgow Smile was also searched by police for someone of Scottish or Irish descent. When "Mickey Cohen" boxed one of his two boxing ring aliases, he was "Irish Mickey Cohen", although "Mickey Cohen" was from Ukraine worthy and Jewish.

"Mickey Cohen" was always on the side of the "Italian New York Mafia" because they had the power, money and resources. "Mickey Cohen" had a lot of "Irish" in his family of mobsters, along with the Italians, and was probably associated with the "Irish and Scottish" mob gang when he was growing up and living in New York. The Glasgow smile is most likely picked up from his years in the New York Irish and Scottish street gangs.

This "Glasgow Smile" that was done to the face of "Elizabeth Shorts" is obviously a key clue to establishing that the murder of "Elizabeth" is related to "Mickey Cohen's" Los Angeles crime. Another sign will be who did it in the "Mickey Cohens" crime family. The "Glasgow smile" was done as a clear message to "Jack Dragney" who lived 4 1/2 blocks away from the dumping ground.

Police investigation

I want to say that the police knew who the killer was and just couldn't prove it, but that was never the case. A few years later in 1949, when the girlfriend of the taxi driver "Mark Hansen" shot him, police searched his home where Elizabeth Short was staying, searching for her blood and not finding her. This search only proved that the police had absolutely no idea who the killer was. Detective "Harry Hansen" (no relation to "Mark Hansen") even stated that he had no contact with the killer when questioning the suspects and that statement was true.

An attempt was made to kill "Viola Norton" on February 14, 1948, one month after Elizabeth's body was found ejected, but "Viola" survived. She told police two men abducted her and beat her to the end. One block was found from where "Elizabeth Short" was thrown and police still have not made contact with the mentally ill serial killer "ONE" who wandered at night killing all kinds of women. Police continued to investigate the people Elizabeth had communicated with and were in the address book given by the killer to police.

This "serial killer" gave the police address book "Mark Hansen" that stole "Elizabeth Short" and the police set off immediately after investigating names only in the address book, leaving the possibility that "Rogue Stranger" was not in anyone's social circle or address book lurking in the streets randomly killing women. Indeed, "The killer will give the police an address book with his name and phone number." Sounds like the Los Angeles Police Department was in 1947. Everyone was on a "stupid pill."

The killer "Elizabeth Short" was in possession of her personal property which she carried. This serial killer contacted a Los Angeles newspaper and told them he would send them his stuff. Those things included her "Birth Certificate", "Business Cards", "Photos" and "The Address Book She Stole From Mark Hansen". Did "Elizabeth" have a "Bank Account Book (Booklet)" that was not returned? Like all women, they have a bag full of cosmetics and some sort of container in which they kept their money. These items are not returned and are most likely kept as souvenirs as most serial killers. Elizabeth's bank account book was probably also kept by a serial killer.

Los Angeles was the central homicide in 1947, and bodies were found throughout the city. You will read that all the killings of L.A. during this time period were due to the soldiers returning and this is not true. The thing is, all the killings were because of men going into the military to fight World War II, leaving police services without recruits and officers on the streets. It took years after the war for police services to get enough officers to train to reduce crime rates. Without police, all robberies are drawn into criminal activities, especially by mafia groups.

Police investigating countless homicides were insignificant

All of these killings were investigated as individual killings by the U.S. military returning from a brutal war. Serial killers weren't even studied before the 1960s, and weren't even dealt with until the 1970s. No serial killer investigations were conducted until the 1970s, when departments began leaving bodies around cities and towns. There are still people who do not believe that the serial killer played with the killings of the 1940s. The media has trained people to believe that all these killings were individually worked by soldiers returning to the United States from combat. How fucked up are some people who follow this thought when history has proven that all serial killers who are caught are really sick individuals who "have never been in the military."

Finding out who killed "Elizabeth" is not a matter of looking at suspects who had an individual problem with "Elizabeth" and whether they wanted her dead. Watching who kill "Elizabeth" is a matter of looking for a single serial killer who killed many women just to get angry with the police for fun. The problem with police prior to the 1970s is that they never investigated multiple homicides as a mentally ill serial killer. No "Never" was found in this serial killer. Many homicides have most likely remained unsolved because of police departments not investigating these killings as a single-person homicide group.

For centuries and later, there have been "serial killings" that have only been investigated as individual crimes. "Jack The Ripper" was the first "Serial Killer" in 1880 to become as big a public sensation as "Black Dahlia." Although they used the term "serial murder", they still investigated each murder "individually" or "singularly" and "NO", as a group of many murders committed by one person. It was not until 1966 that the term "Serial Killer" was coined in the USA in the book. In 1974, the term "serial killer" began to take hold, and police finally began investigating many related murders as a single-person homicide group.

My final thoughts on who killed Elizabeth Short

"Viola Norton" tells the story of what happened to "Black Dalia"

My last thought about the murder of "Elizabeth Short" is that no one knew she was returning to Los Angeles after a months-long stay in San Diego. Something scared "Elizabeth" in the "chancellor's suite" or "stole or borrowed some money" and someone asked to return it so he returned to San Diego. Regardless of "Elizabeth" going to San Diego, that wasn't the reason she was killed Jan. 15. I know she never broke down.

All hundreds and hundreds of suspects viewed and interrogated were all cleared of any involvement in the murder of "Elizabeth Short" because there was no connection or evidence. The two doctors were most likely suspects, but no one was able to set up Elizabeth as he had ever known these doctors. In one way or another, doctors simply fit into the profile and live in the area of ​​the physical dump. "Elizabeth's" father is suspected because he kicked "Elizabeth" out of the "Vallejo" home, and after moving to Los Angeles "Elizabeth" may have appeared who would light a fuse on a firecracker. If "Elizabeth" looked at her father and found out where he lived and contacted him, he might have become violent.

My Conclusion on the Elizabeth Short Murder, "She was Killed by a Couple of Unaware Mafia Serial Killers of Soldiers Able to Speak Out, Offense for Victims," ​​and Collaborated Shoulder at "Alhambra" and "Downtown Los Angeles South Main Street" during 1946 by 1949. A homicide in the San Diego area was reported in response to the Los Angeles homicide in 1949. My thoughts, with all the media coverage of the "Elizabeth Short" murder, of her serial killers went to San Diego and killed after which they learned was "Elizabeth" in San Diego just to have a fight with the police.

"Norton Viola" alleged that "Two Men" took her to the streets of Alhambra near downtown Los Angeles, beaten her and left her dead in the area where Elizabeth Short's body was found. Viola Norton's body was found beaten to death on February 14, 1948, but she survived and told her story to police, who were blinded by her own thoughts.

The two serial killers were in the suburbs of the Los Angeles area, including the Long Beach / Santa Monica area, and their homicide victims in those areas were most likely just detained in some suburban police file as another unsolved unsolved murder victim. In 1940, one of the main newspapers called the murders they published, "Another wolf victim," because there were so many. The newspapers did not print most of the killings, just gruesome and thunderous murders.

The chances of the two serial killers coming together, "NILL". The chances of the two serial killers coming together because the Mafia hired them to do Contract Murders, Yes.

What happens when these serial killers are hired to commit contract killings between contracts? They meet their need for murder by finding random homicide victims around Los Angeles like "Elizabeth Short" killed. If you like to kill for sports and do not include "mafia bosses" in extracurricular killings done in your time, "mafia" has something for you. What people don't realize is that in the period before and after 1947, there were many "paid and trained mafia serial killers" living in Los Angeles, and some were "serial killers."

What led me to the final conclusion that "Black Dalia" was the victim of a mafia serial killer was when I came across the attempted murder of "Viola Norton" on February 14, 1948, which was just over a year after "Elizabeth Short" was killed . Viola Norton was beaten to a pulp, but she survived and told police, "Two men abducted her from Alhambra Street at 1:30 a.m. while walking home from a bar." Viola Norton's body was found 1 block from where the body of "Elizabeth Short" was cut in half and placed. As I noted in this article, the killer needed to know the area where Elizabeth Short's body was thrown, and the two killers would certainly know many areas in Los Angeles and surrounding areas where they could dump bodies without see.

I found that a "Mafia boss" named "Jack Dragna" lived only 4 1/2 blocks from where the body of "Elizabeth Short" was thrown, meaning "ALL THE Mafia HAD MUCH TO KNOW THIS AREA" and there were a lot of "mafia" men who living in Los Angeles at the moment. I also learned that "Mickey Cohen" hated "Jack Dragna" to the end, and "Mickey Cohen" was a "sincere violent maniac" who would be well-educated about the "gigantic smile". I will get in touch with the "Mafia" later in this article.

I looked into "Mafia Soldiers" during this period and found out that there were "two murderers who were killed, TWO TONES" who really came to Los Angeles in 1946 and worked for "Mickey Cohen." Shortly after The Two Tons went to work for Mickey Cohen, they quit and became "independent" contract killers.

"Smile in Glasgow," "Testimony of Two Tony and Viola Norton" plus "Jack Dragna Living in the Dumpster Area of ​​Elizabeth's Body" really tell the story.

Night of January 14, 1947

Elizabeth Short at the time was still late at a Greyhound bus stop called Corral in downtown Los Angeles, Los Angeles And 6. She seems to have always had enough money to make fun at night and then back home before the Wheelchairs ceased operations while spending very little on their homes. When she found accommodation for herself, it was because someone else paid for it or she made a lot of money begging.

She would walk up to people and ask them for money or tell them about her happiness. Hell, then it could feed you all day. One of her ex-boyfriends Gordon Fickling, who was in the military, sent her $ 100 shortly before her death, which was a good chunk of money for those days.

Here's a copy / paste quote below that I found at the police office of a woman who met "Elizabeth" at Greyhound Bus Station on January 14, 1947. Did "Elizabeth" remove from the sidewalk these "Two Tony's" serial killers shortly after this cop was in a relationship with her.

As for "Elizabeth" saying that her father was coming for her and her ex-boyfriend would kill her, well, these are just statements where she uses a family member or someone close as an excuse to get something or keep her. trouble. In this case, her false statements were to prevent a police woman from shooting her for "Panhandling" or "begging." The ex-boyfriend of a Marine she said would kill her was the one who gave her $ 100 before she was killed.

Of all the false allegations of seeing "Elizabeth" before she was killed, I believe this one with the Police Woman's contact was true because the statement was trained by a police officer who made the statement to the newspaper:

Perhaps the latest statement about meeting Elizabeth Short was made by policewoman Myrl McBride at a bus stop in Los Angeles on January 14th. Newspaper articles quoted McBride as saying that the young woman, who he later identified as Elizabeth Short, "cried in fear" first saw her. A police officer said Beth had asked for protection from "a friend of a sea boy who once threatened to kill me if he ever found me with another man."

The newspaper reported that McBride had brought her back to the bar. According to the articles, Beth "spoke to the woman and the tall man for a few seconds, then appeared. When they warned her to go home, the girl was quoted as having refused and returned to the station saying," My father comes in two hours from now. & # 39; "

The articles stated that the meeting took place "about four hours before the murder".

The Greyhound bus station building today does not resemble the "architectural beauty" it once was in 1947. The building has been "redesigned" to maximize profits with the design features removed, which is why Drab is like a ghetto neighborhood.


A brief introduction to Los Angeles International Airport

Los Angeles International Airport, often referred to as LAX, which is the IARA Airport, is the major airport serving Los Angeles and the surrounding area in California, USA. It is an extremely busy airport and was revealed to be the most represented airport in the world in 2010, with 59 million passengers passing through its doors.

Location and history

It is located in the southwest of a town called Westchester located about 16 miles from downtown Los Angeles. It covers about 3500 acres of land that was founded in 1928, when the city of Los Angeles acquired land that was then the fields of bean, barley, and wheat and turned them into dirt tracks, and the first airport structure was built in 1929.

Originally known as Mines Field, after the property that agreed to buy the field, the airport's name was changed in 1941 to Los Angeles International Airport. Since then, the airport has grown into a major Los Angeles airport that has taken over Burbank Airport and the Grand Central Glendale Airport, and in 1961, a "themed building" was built to provide a great view of the airport.

From the first airline to fly from LAX in 1959 to New York, the airport began to be a major jet hub, highlighted by the 1970 use of a Boeing 747 by TWA from New York. The terminals were also used as satellite buildings that reached underground tunnels from the ticketing area, and in 1981 LAX was expanded by $ 700 million to prepare for the 1984 Olympic Games, which included the construction of two new airport terminals. including the sophisticated. Tom Bradley terminal.

A brief explanation of the LAX terminal

Today, LAX has nine passenger terminals that are mounted in the shape of a horseshoe and are served by shuttle buses.

Terminal One serves mainly regional flights and is the busiest terminal offering approximately 135 departures each day.

Terminal Two, serves foreign airlines that do not use the Tom Bradley terminal. It was the original international terminal built in 1962.

Terminal 3 is currently used by airlines, Virgin America, V Australia, JetBlue, Alaska Airlines and AirTran Airways.

Terminal 4 is used by American Airlines except for Qantas departure to Brisbane and Auckland. Terminal five is used by Delta Airlines, and Terminal 6 is used by Continental and some Delta flights, now Alaska Airlines since April 2011.

Terminals 7 and 8 are home to United Airlines.

Tom Bradley International, the latest terminal to be built, has international airlines that do not use Terminal 2, such as British Airways, Swiss Swiss, Lufthansa and Turkish airlines.

In short

Los Angeles International Airport manages more non-connecting passengers than anywhere else in the world, and is also the busiest airport in California and the third busiest airport for passenger traffic in the United States alone.


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Los Angeles is one of the largest cities, if not the largest cities, on the West Coast. Because of its sheer size, hundreds of fun things can be done in L.A. that can get a little overwhelming, but don’t worry. Here are eleven best things to do on your trip to Los Angeles. From sightseeing, theme parks, exploring nature, there is something to be done in this great city. All you need is a little imagination and movie magic.

1. Brunch on the beach

There are a dozen restaurants on the beaches in Los Angeles that offer breakfast on the beach. Enjoy a classic breakfast at the Outer Tiled Sea facing the ocean. Everything tastes better when eaten in the fresh ocean air.

2. The Hollywood Tour

Los Angeles is perhaps best known for being a celebrity city. Because of this, there are dozens of tours that tour houses and places of fame. One of the highlights of the tour is the TMZ Tour, which travels to restaurants, clubs and other places where celebrities like to hang out. There are many things to do in LA, but this should not be missed.

3. Segway on the beaches

Los Angeles is known for its beaches in Santa Monica, Long Beach and Venice. Many of these beaches offer Segway rentals that allow you to visit the sights without fatiguing your feet. Feel the ocean breeze as you ride and explore the dozens of sidewalk shops and restaurants. There could be nothing better.

4. Riding tour

Ever wanted to see a Hollywood signature up close? Ever wanted to see a Hollywood signature up close while on a horse? Now, you can, with a Sunset Ranch horse tour to Mount Hollywood. Not only will you see the Hollywood sign, but also the incredible views of Los Angeles, San Fernando and the Pacific. Best of all, you'll be provided with a barbecue waiting for you at the ranch when you return.

5. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Hollywood

Opened on April 7, 2016, Universal Studios ’Wizarding World of Harry Potter lets you experience what it would be like to be a magician at Hogwarts. Other well-known places from the book, such as Diagon Alley and Gringotts Bank, are also included, where an exciting ride awaits you.

6. Skyslide

Skyspace is California's tallest open air observation booth. 1000 meters above the city in the US Bank Tower, you can see an incredible view of the entirety of Los Angeles. Skyspace also has the first sky slide, a slide that moves from the observation deck to the bottom of the tower. This slide is made entirely of glass and takes you around the city.

7. Warner Brothers Studio Tour Hollywood

You can participate in a number of activities in Los Angeles, but you would be denied the opportunity to visit an actual movie studio. On their luxury tour, the guides will walk you through soundstages, TV houses and lots of places to make some of your favorite movies and TV shows. Also visit Phase 48: Script to Screen, where you will see the key stages of the production process.

8. Whale watching

On the shores of Los Angeles, there are dozens of whales being observed. These tours will take you far into the Pacific, where you will have the pleasure of seeing these elegant creatures so close that you can almost touch them. If you love animals and nature, then this is one of the best things to do in LA.

9. Catalina Island

Along the coast of Los Angeles is a small island, a jewel of nature called Catalina Island. If you are a nature lover, this is a must see. With lots of activities like hiking, fishing or surfing, this place is a must for nature.

10. Farmers Market

Being a huge city in Los Angeles doesn't mean it doesn't have fresh produce. Farmers' markets can be found throughout the city, but the largest takes place downtown every week during the spring and summer. If you are looking for fresh produce or handmade items, look no further.

11. Dance Cruise

Do you enjoy dancing and exploring exotic locations? Then you should try Aventura Dance Cruise – the world's largest Latin dance cruise. This cruise departs Long Beach, California and travels to Ensenada, Mexico. Along the way you will be delighted with wonderful food, dance workshops and lessons and fun beach parties that last well into the night. If you want to have fun, look no further.


10 Steps To Traveling Europe Cheap

You probably searched for airline tickets on one occasion and I thought there would be more when I was 65 and retired. Do not be discouraged! I will explain to you how you can travel to your European dream state less than you imagined possible.

Step 1. Forget about your exact travel plans

The fastest way to make your trip as expensive as possible is to narrow your search to something incredibly specific.

For example, just having a four-day Easter weekend doesn't mean it's a good time to travel. Open yourself to be flexible in travel dates, locations you travel to and where you are staying. The more flexible you are, the cheaper your trips will be.

Step 2. Determine where you really want to visit.

I know I just said it's flexible, but that doesn't mean you can't choose the place you want to visit, it means you have to be open to a path where you didn't anticipate. If you want to visit Dublin more than anything, look for flights from the US to Dublin. Chances are you can find a plane ticket from the US to another European city for much less. You can then book another short flight to Dublin for less than $ 80. It's a great way to see the land with bonuses too!

Step 3. Determine which city you will fly from

Flights to Europe vary greatly depending on the airport you are flying to, departure times and travel dates. So, a good first step can be determining which airports to fly from. If you live in a big city like New York, Boston or Los Angeles, good luck! From these cities they will find the cheapest flights to Europe. If you do not live in these cities, it is likely that you will fly past them to reach Europe. So if you can drive to one of these cities, it can be a cheap option. Otherwise, consider booking a flight to one of these hometowns. While it may seem weird, you can get cheaper flights if you book each leg individually instead of booking a ticket from your home to your destination.

Step 4. Identify the cheapest European city to fly to

The easiest way to do this is to check websites that compile all the cheapest airline tickets, so you don't have to search hundreds of flights yourself. Some websites allow you to enter the United States or a city you know you are leaving in the "from" field. In the "to" box, try to select "everywhere". Then scroll down the resulting list looking for the first / cheapest country in Europe to get to. If, for example, Norway costs $ 340 and France $ 380, then it is probably worthwhile to choose France if it is your desired destination; however, if the difference is greater than $ 100, I would first choose the cheapest airport. The annoying thing about Skyscanner is that offers are often no longer active, and sometimes you have to search through a lot of dates to find the cheapest one to travel. But patience is key and this is how you find the cheapest flights. Another word of advice is that sometimes flights go through travel agencies and it is probably worth it to look for reviews on the agency before booking a ticket, keeping in mind that happy customers rarely write reviews. But if the agency has one in five stars, it can be a gateway.

Step 5. Find an international flight that will bring you to your European dream destination

One thing most people do not realize is that it is cheap to fly from one country to another in Europe.

I flew around Europe for $ 14 one way. No joke. I never paid more than $ 60 for a flight within Europe. Use to find a flight to your actual destination from any country where you ended up and book the cheapest flight to Europe.

Step 6. Now that you have arrived, find a cheap or free place to stay

Everyone has their own idea of ​​a dream vacation. If yours stays in the Ritz, then I’m surprised you read this far through this article. For most of us, we just want to stay polite somewhere while enjoying everything Europe has to offer. I have never stayed in landfill in Europe. I don't want to and I'm just not that desperate. Accommodation is reduced to four options: hotel, rental, hostel or Couchsurf.

  • Hotel. Staying at a hotel is a safe way, and if you are in Europe for the first time or are not very risky, then this is probably the way to go. Hotels, depending on where you visit, range from $ 20 to $ 200 per night, so you might want to keep that in mind when choosing a destination. I would not advise you to stay in Monaco unless your oil company makes record profit in the first quarter, but staying in nearby Nice might be an option. In other words, keep your options open.
  • Rental. Booking a room for rent, an apartment, villa or house is also a safe bet, but it can be a little more complicated than just checking into a hotel. Sites like Homeaway and Airbnb offer some really unique sites and I must say, some of my favorite places I stayed in Europe were rentals. From a villa in a Tuscany winery to a secluded mother-in-law in a quiet neighborhood outside of London, I really enjoyed staying at the rental and the cost is often much less than staying at a hotel if there is a group of you who can share the cost.
  • Hostel. The word hostel sparks the thoughts of scary movies, but the reality is that the difference between a hostel and a hotel is sometimes noticeable in Europe. There are certainly hostels where you can get a bunk bed in a room with five other travelers and for some people this is exciting and interesting! But just because bunk beds are not your thing does not mean that you should exclude anything that has the word hostel in its name. I stayed at some "hostels" which were as nice as a hotel.
  • Couchsurf. If you are really tight on budget or really important to meeting local people, there is no better way than for Couchsurf. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, visit the Couchsurfing website. Basically, the site allows you to stay for free with someone who wants to host travelers to their home for free and vice versa. People leave reviews to travelers and hosts alike, so you can be sure they are reputable. This, of course, comes with risk and precautions should be taken. In addition, you should always have a backup plan in case the situation fails.

Step 7. Eat cheap.

I focus on the needs of visiting Europe: travel, accommodation and food. Of course, there are many other ways to spend money, but these are things you have to spend money on, and food is one.

The food is amazing. I love food and the first time I went to Europe I was disappointed because I randomly wandered around restaurants and most were subpar. That all changed when I started checking TripAdvisor for restaurant reviews, that's all it takes to make every meal amazing. This was not so much money-saving advice as the general word of advice. However, TripAdvisor allows you to search at general restaurant prices, so $ is cheap and $ moderate $$$ becomes more expensive, etc.

Here are some money-saving tips: Buying groceries in Europe is usually very cheap. If you have booked an apartment with a kitchen, take advantage of it! Go shopping at your local market and buy some new weird cooking food! If you are traveling on the road, get some sandwich items to save a few bucks.

Step 8. Understand that there are even higher costs

Although your main travel expenses are accommodation and food, there will be others. Things to consider include, transportation upon arrival, fees for attractions and souvenirs.

Transportation Options Include Public Transportation. Most European cities have fantastic and cheap public transport that can be purchased with local currency or a debit card at the kiosk. Keep in mind that US credit cards often don't work because you need a chip and pin number.

Renting a car is a great option if you are planning to travel outside the cities, it is usually quite affordable and gives you ultimate freedom in mobility. Trains, while charming, are not usually a cheap way to travel across Europe. Flights are much cheaper and faster. But if you're in love with the idea of ​​getting to know the country by train, then it's worth a try. Tickets can be purchased in advance on the Eurorail website for a fee. Or if you're more flexible and feel like it's worth the risk, you can buy them in person at the train station for usually a little less.

Step 9. Travel light

While you may not think traveling light will save you money, trust me, it will. First of all, each airline charges a baggage fee. So each leg of your flight will cost you $ 25 to $ 100 for each bag. It gathers quickly. Second, if you have two suitcases, you'll fill two suitcases full of things you probably don't need. Third, taking cheap transportation like the subway becomes frustrating and impractical when you are hauling around two naughty bags. Fourth of all, your bags must be with you at all times or at the hotel, so if you plan to check out in the morning and go to another city, you won't be able to do anything until you get to the hotel and check your bags. All in all, it's just a great pain to carry a bunch of stuff around Europe with you. My advice, and I can't stress enough, is to fit everything in one backpack. I have a 50L backpack and had everything I needed a month and a half in Europe. Yes, there are laundry facilities in Europe as well. If you say, you don't understand well because you're a guy. I traveled with two young women and they both put everything in their backpack. If you say you don't understand because you are young, I traveled with my mother to Europe and she fit everything into a standard-sized backpack! So can you!

Step 10. Always plan for the worst and hope for the best

Whenever I travel to Europe I plan my expected expenses and round up everything. I also plan for at least $ 200 in unexpected expenses. In the end, my costs are always well below this number, but I don't want to ever end up in a cost overload situation.


With 2,000 words, I gave you a short guide to Europe-on-a-budget. There are of course many other things to think about when booking a trip to Europe, but the most important thing is to just do it! Find those cheap plane tickets to Europe and book them. You can fill in all the gaps later, do not try to plan everything before you get your tickets and do not try to plan every second of every day. Leave time to spontaneously and immerse yourself in European life.


Flights from LAX to SFO – the fastest way from LA to SF

The easiest way to find flights from LAX to SFO is to use the passenger fare aggregation page and enter departure and return dates. You can specify whether to search for economy or business class flights.

There are several airlines offering this route between two popular California cities. It is usually the cheapest to book a non-stop flight approximately 17 -21 days in advance. For flights with connection it is actually the cheapest to book 90 days in advance. There is usually not a big price difference between buying a return flight and a one way flight.

California is a big state – there are 347 miles between Los Angeles and San Francisco. A nonstop flight usually takes just under an hour and a half. Flights from LAX to SFO are the cheapest during the months of July and October and the most expensive in June. Price is consistent with other months.

Some of the many airlines that offer flights include:

• United Airlines

• American Airlines

• Alaska Airlines

• AeroMexico

• Virgin America

• Ethiopian Airlines

• All Nippon Airways

• Singapore Airlines

• JetBlue

• WOW Air

• Border

• Delta

United provides almost 1/3 of direct flights. Seattle, WA is the most popular city connecting flights. Wednesday is the busiest day to fly to SFO from LAX. The most reliable airlines that have the highest percentage of timely arrivals at SFO are Delta, American and Alaska Airlines.

Rent a car after your flight

There are plenty of car rental and public transportation options available to help you get from the airport to your San Francisco hotel. You can even combine a rental car and a hotel room with the price of a plane ticket. Sometimes it's cheaper to do than try to book everything separately. There are tons of budget hotels and inns to choose from. SF is an amazing city with must-see attractions such as the Golden Gate Bridge, the fishing dock and the Alcatraz Prison.

Need to leave your car behind in Los Angeles? Parking at LAX at great prices. The airport offers short-term, long-term and economical parking options. If you would rather take public transport, you can call one of several cab companies serving the airport or take a free shuttle from Green Line Metro Station.

Flights from LAX to SFO are available throughout the day and night, so there is room for flexibility. You should easily be able to find a cheap plane ticket, regardless of your plan. Although last minute discounts are rare, one never knows when one might show up.

Use the Travelocity Search feature to find and compare discount flights from LAX to SFO. The website is very easy to use and you can plan the whole trip. You can also get affordable car rental and accommodation using the Travelocity coupon codes.


Cheap Flights to San Jose – find out more about SJC Airport, airline and savings options

Have you searched the internet for cheap flights to San Jose, CA? It is a popular city that has a large International Airport (SJC). San Jose is a hot spot for business travelers and leisure travelers, due to its rich cultural history and convenient location in Silicon Valley.

Several airlines worldwide fly to / from SJC, including Alaska Airlines, Air China, Fiji Airways, Aeromexico, Al Nippon, American Airlines, United, Delta, JetBlue, Southwest and many more. With all these domestic and international airlines flying and departing every day, it is not difficult to get cheap airline tickets. The most popular flights to San Jose are Alaska Airlines, American Airlines and Aeromexico.

You can usually find some of the cheapest flights from nearby cities such as Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Long Beach. However, cheap flights to San Jose can still be found in other cities around the country – namely, Chicago and Denver. Don't just look for deals offered by major airlines, as Spirit, JetBlue and Frontier offer airline tickets at really low prices. While it's almost always better to book early, if you're almost out of time and need to be in the Silicon Valley soon, Southwest is a good choice of airline tickets for last minute direct flights to San Jose.

No matter when you need to go and what city you plan to travel to, it is best to use a travel website that will allow you to search through a large number of airlines and deals to find cheap flights to San Jose.

Adding hotels for cheap flights to San Jose

Need a hotel? Some of these travel websites will offer you the option of booking a hotel other than a flight. When both costs are combined, huge discounts are usually included. Whether you plan to stay for only a few days or a whole week, it will probably be cheaper to combine an airline ticket with an overnight stay than paying for the two separately.

When should I go? The best time to travel to Northern California is from June to September, when temperatures are warm but not cold during the day and colder at night. It is also the time of year for the Jazz Festival, which is filled with fun and delicious cuisines.

Silicon Valley attractions are not missing, from Alum Rock Park to Repertory Theater. You will be able to enjoy more activities than the money you save on cheap flights to San Jose.

Did you know that when you go online you can search over 400 airlines and 320,000+ hotels to find the best travel deals? Using the search tool is the easiest way to find cheap flights to San Jose, as well as a hotel room, car rental, lunch discounts and more.


Airline tickets to cheap flights to Australia

The multitude of promotions and special offers for cheap flights to Australia made the Down Under vacation much more affordable. Airline tickets to Australia, especially for low-season trips – from May to August to mid-September – are reasonably priced compared to other long-haul destinations such as Asia and Eastern Europe.

Non-stop flights to Australia depart from Los Angeles and San Francisco. If you live in other parts of the US, you will need to fly to California first.

Flights to Australia have increased in recent years as existing airlines add flights and new airlines begin services on this route. This is good news for travelers – increased competition has reduced prices for flights to Australia.

When looking for the cheapest flights to Australia, you will find that airline consolidations usually have the lowest prices. But when airlines try to fill seats on their planes and offer short-term special promotion, their prices can't be beat. Always check the prices of airlines flying to Australia before buying tickets.

Airlines flying to Australia:


Afghan company Qantas offers the largest aircraft and the largest number of flights. Daily non-stop flights from Los Angeles and rarer flights from San Francisco, Qantas flies non-stop to Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Qantas offers code division flights operated by American Airlines from many cities in the United States to connect with flights from Los Angeles and San Francisco.

The Qantas website often features flight deals, promotions that include a "free" flight to a city in Australia and special offers on Aussie AirPass. If you are a member of American Airlines, you can earn miles by flying to and from Australia on Qantas.


VAustralia, the latest addition to the Virgin Airlines Group, flies non-stop from Los Angeles to Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. Connected flights are available from other US cities, Virginia and Delta. VAustralia also offers several flights departing from San Francisco.

Their planes on the Australian route are new, tailored to the Australian theme and have comfortable seats for the long haul. The VAustralia website monitors the special offers Qantas has for cheap flights to Australia, but VAustralia does not offer special offers for flight packages that include other destinations within Australia.

Delta Airlines

Delta began flying to Sydney in 2009. Shortly after launching the service on this route, Delta entered into a code exchange agreement with Virgin Airlines Group, VAustralia, for international flights, and its sister airline VirginBlue, for domestic flights within Australia.

Delta SkyMiles members with Club access can use VirginBlue's luxury airport lounges when traveling to Australia on VirginBlue or internationally on Delta or VAustralia.

United Airlines

United flies to Sydney from Los Angles and San Francisco, with connections from other cities in the United States. Rarely does the United website promote the sale of specials on these flights. United does not fly within Australia.

Other airlines

Air New Zealand flies from Los Angeles and San Francisco to Australia, but the flights first stop in Auckland. This adds a few hours to the total flight time to Australia. Their prices are very competitive.

Several Asian airlines also offer multiple flights to Australia. These flights are much more expensive than those on which Qantas, VAustralia, Delta or United flights are uninterrupted.

Flying East

Passengers who consider the comfort and luxury of an airplane more important than the price and nonstop long-haul flight should consider flights east to reach Australia. It is generally more expensive to fly east – but you can combine a visit to Singapore (Singapore Air has daily non-stop flights from Newark to Singapore) or Dubai (Emirates offers two daily non-stop flights from JFK and non-stop stop flights from Houston. Los Angeles and San Francisco) with their vacation in Australia.