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A lot of people are denied international travel because of expensive airline tickets. However, there are several return flights to India at a discount today. So, if you are planning to fly abroad, make sure you have a good offer when booking your plane ticket. If exhaustive travel to different cities is part of the journey, it is advisable to use an Airpass that reduces the cost to a fraction of the actual cost.

Prime Travels offers cheap airline tickets. Their unbeatable tariffs include Washington-Delhi / Mumbai-Washington for $ 799, plus taxes; Vancouver-Delhi-Vancouver for INR 38,500 plus tax; San Francisco-Bangalore-San Francisco for $ 990 plus taxes; London-Mumbai-London290 GBP plus taxes; Los Angeles-Mumbai-Los Angeles for $ 890 plus tax; Boston-Hyderabad-Boston for $ 999 plus taxes; Seattle-Mumbai-Seattle for $ 999 plus taxes; Newark-Ahmedabad-Newark for $ 1,070 plus tax; Phoenix-Chennai-Phoenix for $ 1,090 plus taxes; and Houston-Cochin-Houston for $ 1,090 plus tax.

If you are calling from the US, look for 201-255-3078 (1am-5pm, MON-Mon) for information.

Globe Travels also offers a good discount. Fly from Los Angeles to Bombay / Delhi / Bangalor / Madras or Hyderabad for a round trip ticket that is approximately $ 799. However, the journey should start before April 30, 2006; the offer is valid for flights via Kuala Lumpur to Air India and Malaysian Airlines; the last date to buy the ticket is March 24, 2006 and tickets were due on the same day as the reservation.


If you are traveling to India on your itinerary, take advantage of Discover India plane tickets. Similar to US VUSA ticket prices, Indian Airlines and Jet Airways offer excellent benefits; their Airpas were created for foreigners and non-residents alike. The fifteen-day Airpass comes at $ 500, while the twenty-day Airpass costs $ 750. The itinerary is: Delhi-Jaipur-Udaipur-Bombay-Goa-Bangalore-Cochin-Madras-Delhi. The traveler saves on expenses and pays only a fraction of what he or she would need to pay for extensive travel within India if booked individually.

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