Top 12 Things To Do For Free In Los Angeles

As the largest city on the West Coast and home to Hollywood, the City of Angels may seem like a playground for the rich. The looks, however, can be deceptive. As many tourists and visitors in the city find out, there are plenty of activities in Los Angeles that don't leave a stain on your wallet. In the following selected list, you'll discover the top 12 things to do for free in Los Angeles.

1. Rodeo Drive

This is an exclusive shopping district with exotic brands and exclusive boutiques. Rodeo Drive was remembered by the Reverend Julia Roberts in the movie Beautiful Woman. Since then, hordes of visitors have been touring the place to look at their favorite celebrities and browse the shops. There is no compulsion to shop, and most store owners are used to tourists.

2. Griffith Observatory

Located on the south side of Mount Hollywood, the Griffith Observatory offers stunning views of the city and surrounding areas. While the planetarium shows the cost of money, visitors can enjoy spectacular hiking and biking trails and take advantage of some of the best photo shoots in this massive city park. Other attractions include the zoo and botanical gardens, the iconic Hollywood sign and the impressive museum of select exhibits.

3. Venice Beach

When it comes to free activities in Los Angeles, traveling to the iconic Venice Beach is one of the main attractions. While the city was inspired by Venice, Italy, the beach has now acquired a distinctive California identity. Crowds of tourists come to the beach to enjoy the sunshine, the famous promenade and the chance to see all the fun and eclectic characters around.

4. Santa Monica

It's no exaggeration to say that Santa Monica's beach is among the hottest in the US. Visitors to Santa Monica rarely miss the activities and things to see with some of the most spectacular street performers, spectacular nightlife and soft sandy beaches on offer. The famous pier and the Ferris wheel are also worth mentioning.

5. Getty Center

Top 12 Things to Do for Free in Los Angeles-5 Designed by the legendary Richard Meier, the Getty Center is undoubtedly one of the most famous architectural landmarks in America. At the center are some of the most exquisite works of art from around the world. Whether it's Baroque sculptures or Renaissance artworks, visitors can look forward to some of the most delicious and intriguing masterpieces at the Getty Center. Magnificent city views are an added bonus.

6. Hollyway Walk of Fame

Visitors to Los Angeles will miss something if they don't take the opportunity to soak up the atmosphere at the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Consistently rated among the funniest things to do for free in LA, Walk is who Hollywood is. As a bonus, you can also visit the TCL Chinese Theater, which houses some of Hollywood's most iconic handprints of movie stars.

7. Walt Disney Concert Hall

This is another architectural masterpiece in downtown Los Angeles. This Frank Gehry masterpiece is credited with transforming the cultural landscape of an otherwise boring downtown LA. Visitors can choose to listen to the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra or simply take a tour of this venue, which is offered for free.

8. Sunset Boulevard

This magnificent location has been immortalized in numerous Hollywood films. Obviously one of the most famous thoroughfares in the US, Sunset Boulevard offers visitors a glimpse into the dazzling lifestyle of Hollywood's who's who. This charming palm-lined ribbon has now been transformed into a vibrant center of nightlife with several dishes and live performances.

9th Hollywood Bowl

The Hollywood Bowl is a beautiful outdoor amphitheater, adorned with some of the world's biggest musical names, including the Beatles and Madonna. Visitors can look forward to an extraordinary musical experience in this surreal setting. In addition, the venue has impressive works of art and memorabilia depicting its history.

10. Runyon Canyon Park

For those who can't get enough trails and views, for which they might die, there is no better place than Runyon Park. Located minutes away from Hollywood Boulevard, visitors to the park can look for great and sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean and the San Fernando Valley.

11. Grand Central Market

This is a downtown LA foodie paradise with over 30 vendors serving tacos to ramen noodles. Plus, it's open until 10pm every night, so there is plenty of room to enjoy a late night or take a craft brew.

12. Bradbury Building

It's the oldest office building left in LA, but it's not why this building is a tourist attraction. With its beautiful, light-filled central atrium rising nearly 50 feet high, marble stairs and decorated iron railings, the Bradbury Building has been featured in many films, most notably Bladerunner and (500) Summer Days.